We are able to accommodate residents that require home health, therapy, and hospice services. We are not a medical facility and do not provide medical services. However, these agencies are able to come into our facilities and provide our residents with the medical services they need and also provide us with instruction to continue and follow up with our residents’ care.

Important Things to Know

We are able to assist a resident with administering injections. However, we are not allowed to administer injections to a resident, they must be able to administer the injection themselves with assistance.

Age in Place

Because we are able to accommodate residents that have various conditions and services required it is very rare that a residents medical condition forces them to move to a different location. Our residents can feel confident and comfortable that they won’t have to move unless they want to.

Information: If a facility is not licensed to accommodate hospice services, it is likely that at some point you or your loved one will have to move from that facility. Make sure the facility you choose can accommodate hospice services so you can feel comfortable in your choice.