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What our families think


“My precious mother has been here at Aaspen Village Care for 3 years now. I cannot say enough about the care she receives. It’s all about what’s in the heart of the staff. They give from the heart. You feel like you are at home. It’s unbelievable the love you feel. As soon as you drive up and see the appearance on the outside you just cannot wait to get inside to visit everyone. The warmth is just unbelievable. This will be my future home..”


“When Cal and I first came here for a 2 month stay we were both ill. With care and help we were able to return to our apartment for 7 months. We had to return to get the care we had received before. Cal died 1/1/2011. He was 84. They have made me the only home I have. I am cared for and helped when I need it. The people are pleasant, caring, and helpful”

La Donna

“I love Aaspen Village Care. The staff is so helpful to each and every resident. They have beautiful gardens here. The caregivers, I think of all of them as my friends and family. I feel I have finally found a home in which I feel safe and well provided for in all areas. The meals we have are delicious. I always say the cook can’t out do herself and she always does. Her meals are wonderful, great to eat, and always something different. I am very grateful and blessed to have a home here.”

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